It’s Halloween. Here’s All Hallows Eve Mix IV.

So, it’s been forever since I posted on here.

But, I’m not going to miss out on Halloween. The last couple of years, as soon as I see my personal harbingers of Halloween, The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Comic Book and Halloween Oreo’s, I start working on my new mix and the air is thick with Halloween music. It usually comes down to the last minute, because it’s just another thing to do in October(not to mention working on a costume) but I always feel like it was worth it. So, enough talk, here it is. Sit back in your costume, put on All Hallow’s Eve Mix IV, and stuff you mouf’ with candy or orange-creme filled Oreo’s like all good (or is that evil?) Halloween kids do.

(I’m reloading all past mixes up here, too, if you don’t already have them, so check out my old posts, too…)

All Hallow’s Eve Mix IV – From Beyond the Grave  (zip file) (download)


1. Phantom Five – Graveyard

2. Mors Ontologica – Vampires In My Neighborhood

Can’t find a video of this one, but you must go hear it here, now.

Yes, now.

3. B-52’s – Devil In My Car

4. Violent Femmes – Werewolf(Michael Hurley cover)

So, apparently Cat Power’s “Werewolf” is a Michael Hurley song, who she has covered a total of three times now.

5. Dave Gardner – Mad Witch

6. The Fuzztones – She’s Wicked

7. Misfits – Die, Die My Darling

8. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

9. Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch

-An awesome song, used perfectly in the 2007 remake of Wizard of Gore. You can see it in this clip right here, but yeah, this is a horror/slasher film, and NOT suitable for work AT ALL(or kids). So, here’s just the song:

10. Dana Dane – Nightmares

11. The Cramps – Human Fly

“Human Fly” (plus you get a bonus, “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”):

12. Queens of the Stone Age – Burn the Witch

13. Misfits – Night of the Living Dead

14. 45 Grave – Evil

15. Trailer Bride – Graveyard

16. Messer Chups – Vincent Price Bible

17. Bert Convoy – The Monster Hop

18. The Novas – The Crusher

Not really Halloween, but it just fits so good…

19. Roky Erickson – Night of the Vampire(acoustic Scar Stuff version)

20. Zombie Zombie – Halloween Main Theme


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6 responses to “It’s Halloween. Here’s All Hallows Eve Mix IV.

  1. Looks to be another nifty mix this year! Looking forward to how these all play together in a long car ride.

  2. Spooky Mizu

    Oh, I’m disappointed. All of your mixes don’t seem available from your download site anymore. I just get a message letting me know that the file is either not at the location or the download limit has been met.


    Any chance of getting them reposted?

    Spooky Mizu

  3. kisah

    would it be possible to reactivate the halloween mix albums links? they’re not working for me, and the track listings sound wonderful! thanks!

  4. Would you reup this? It looks like a good one but has expired.

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