The Avett Brothers live from SXSW 2009

The Avett Brothers in Cary, NC in 2008There was a hashtag going around twitter a while back, #lameclaimstofame, and I could have done that “I went to art school with Scott from The Avett Brothers.” Which is not to say that The Avett Brothers were lame, far from it, but that I’m sure it would seem like I was trying to make some kind of claim to fame because I knew someone in the band. Which is especially lame with a band that are so awesome because of their sincerity and authenticity. I am not saying that I was good friends with Scott or anything, but I did know him, and the point is that it’s really fun to see someone you once knew, even slightly, get better at what they do and become more, and more, well known for it, to the point of actual fame. You get to live a little more vicariously, and you get a feel for how a real person becomes known publicly. And now, The Avett Brothers seem close to the kind of serious mainstream fame where it can be almost disappointing to see a thing you have a personal connection with become popular and known to people who don’t really understand, respect, and/or care about it. But I think that wherever these guys end up, I will still love seeing them kick ass. Their new album, I & Love & You comes out Tuesday(September 29th), their first major label release, on Rick Rubin‘s American label, and is produced by the man himself. You would be doing yourself a favor by picking it up.

However, the point of this is to share some music. NPR’s All Songs Considered did a podcast a while back of their performance at South By Southwest last year and while it was, as always, a great show, the podcast was frustrating. It started while they were doing the soundcheck, so you had to listen to the commentators go on for 11 minutes before you could hear any music. And to make it worse, one of the commentators had such a hard on for The Decemberists(ok, maybe understandably) who were going on next, that they spent much of that time talking about them, instead of the Avetts. So, I used my computer to cut the audio up, and make the concert more listenable. So, here it is, and if you don’t know their music, here’s videos of two of the songs they played, “Murder in the City” and “Die, Die, Die.”

Download The Avett Brothers Live at SXSW 2009 from NPR All Songs Considered (zip)

I put the NPR commentary at the end on here, in case you want to hear it, but as just the songs themselves, the show is kind of short and comes out to about 26 minutes, which is because of technical difficulties according to the NPR commentators. But you can hear more, and buy the new album, here:


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3 responses to “The Avett Brothers live from SXSW 2009

  1. Kete

    damn, Jett, I can’t believe you use a download site that spams me with porn ads…. Were you even aware? Anyway, I was impressed with the professionality of their videos, not that I really liked the music though 😛 That sounds shitty, but really, don’t like it 😛

    • wyattjett

      haha, yeah, I was worried about that, I wasn’t sure if I could load up such a big file on yousendit because I use a free account. Is everyone else having a problem with megaupload? should I reload the file on yousendit? Is anyone else even downloading the music? 😉

  2. Kete

    This shit is fucken loco

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