How was the Dan Deacon show, you ask? WELL…

Dan Deacon at Backdor Skatepark Greenville NC 8-15-09Watch this video for an idea of what it was like in the crowd the other night.  You may not be able to see much at some points, but keep watching, the lighting will change…. and change, and change. Keep looking and you’ll see the trippy green skull later, then some crowd surfing at the end. My god, that’s the way to close out a summer.

(these look best when not playing choppily on youtube)

Maybe not the clearest video ever, but a great taste of what it was actually like at the performance. Earlier on, Dan Deacon had us separate into groups, and the guys and girls had a dance off. It was pretty fun watching everyone throw down:

(Ex-)Local heroes Future Islands & Lonnie Walker both played that night, too, but my perpetually late self did not make it in time to see the former, and Future Islands didn’t have the kind of light show going on to end up with a serviceable video from my little digital camera. I found a new love, though, in Javelin, who played second. They are signed to the record label of The Talking Head‘s David Byrne, and that’s really all you need to know. On record they kind of remind me of a looser Avalanches. A little research on my part, though, and I found an awesome remix Javelin did of a Future Island‘s song, “Flicker & Flutter”, that you can hear on Javelin‘s myspace, here.

and even though I missed them, you should check out:

And in case you missed it(’cause you should not miss):

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