Rocket cycle ship, lazerbeam heat strapped to his hip

So, last night at The Spazzatorium in Greenville NC, I got to see Alexis Gideon perform Video Musics for the second time. 


For those who haven’t seen him, he plays a kind of eclectic Hip-hop/rock opera based on Hungarian folk tales and mythology, while projecting spaced-out animation onscreen behind him to illustrate the story. All that serious sounding subject matter isn’t dry, though, it’s sung so lightheartedly that it reminds me of how fun Beck used to be, when he wasn’t so depressed(or mature, take your pick).


It’s all pretty hypnotizing to watch the video with the sound performed live along with the visuals. I’m not sure exactly how the timing works, but it’s fun to watch. Being live, lyrics can get lost, but even if you can’t follow the story, it’s interesting to watch visually, with the animation varying from computer textures to crude drawings to claymation(all done by Alexis Gideon himself). Check them out here:


Alexis Gideon – Brimstone Blaine (video)


Alexis Gideon – Clement Mason (video)



The only one of these Video Musics that is on youtube is not on his DVD, but it  looks like an outtake since it features one of the characters, liophant.



[edit: I think this is actually a song from an older album, available at]


The fake falsetto in “Sock Hop” kind of reminds me of Beck on Midnight Vultures.


Alexis Gideon – Sock Hop (mp3)


And since we’re talking about Beck… 


Bonus MP3 from the Sonic Youth/Beck split that was released exclusively on Record Store Day:


Beck – Green Light(Sonic Youth cover) (mp3)



Alexis Gideon here:


See Alexis Gideon here:

May 13, The Night Light, CHAPEL HILL, NC

May 14, Yahaus, CHARLOTTE, NC

May 15, Cine, ATHENS, GA

May 16, Little Hamilton, NASHVILLE, TN

May 17, Cultural Preservation Resource, LEXINGTON, KY


May 19, Eighth Street Tap Room, LAWRENCE, KS

May 20, Universe City, NORMAN, OK

May 21, The 806, AMARILLO, TX

May 23, Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

May 24, The Habitat, SAN DIEGO, CA

May 25, Pehrspace, LOS ANGELES, CA

May 26, The Partisan, MERCED, CA

May 27, Plea for Peace Center, STOCKTON, CA

May 29, House Show, SACRAMENTO, CA

May 30, House Show, MODESTO, CA

May 31, The Rite Spot, SAN FRANCISCO, CA

June 6, Healthy Times Fun Club, SEATTLE, WA

June 7, Northern, OLYMPIA, WA

June 10, Holocene, PORTLAND, OR


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3 responses to “Rocket cycle ship, lazerbeam heat strapped to his hip

  1. Good work. You’re much more concise than I am, which is a gift… the visual and sonic aids are a plus. I’ll be listening to those MP3s now…

    Please review my next Greenville show!

  2. Kete

    Beck was releasing some good music a few years ago.

    I liked that Brimstone Blaine 🙂

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